The MSAJAA Alumni Association has emerged as a pivotal force in advancing the institution's growth and development through a variety of supportive initiatives. Since its inception in February 2022 with a modest committee of 13 members, the association has witnessed remarkable expansion, now boasting a formidable membership of 405 individuals by August 2023.

The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place in September 2022, followed by elections in February 2023 to appoint various positions within the association. Aligned with its core objectives, the association has actively fostered a vibrant platform for alumni engagement, facilitating dynamic discussions and providing invaluable support to both current students and fellow alumni. Through strategic events like the Alumni Talk Series sessions, distinguished alumni have generously shared their experiences and insights, enriching the educational journey of students and enhancing professional development opportunities.

Furthermore, the association has demonstrated a commitment to holistic support by engaging in activities beyond academia. Notably, their enthusiastic participation in the annual sports event, ARENA-23, has garnered positive acclaim, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among members.

Individually, alumni such as Ar. Pavithra (2015-2020) and Ar. Akshaya (2018-2020) have made significant contributions to the association's mission. Ar. Pavithra’s specialized training offered to B.Arch students preparing for the GATE examination exemplifies the spirit of giving back, indirectly providing financial assistance of Rs. 30,000 , while Ar. Akshaya's insightful guidance on thesis and conservation studio work has provided invaluable mentorship to current M.Arch students.

In summary, the MSAJAA Alumni Association stands as a beacon of support and empowerment within the institution, embodying the ethos of alumni giving and engagement. Through its rapid growth, strategic initiatives, and dedicated alumni involvement, the association continues to play a vital role in nurturing the academic, professional, and personal growth of its members, thereby contributing significantly to the institution's overall development.