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Mohamed Sathak Trust

“We cannot always build the future for youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” is our aim at Mohamed Sathak AJ academy of Architecture In a globalized, market driven and interconnected world, both individuals and institutions are attempting to make a cultural impact. The need of the hour is– produce men and women who are visionary, dynamic and innovative. Education must reach each and every nook & corner of the world including the rural ambiance.

Today’s corporate world demands individuals who are not only skilled but are innovative thinkers and are confident to face everyday challenges. We at MSAJAA offer programs for holistic development of our students. We make them intellectually adept & socially and technically sound through brain storming sessions, seminars, discussions, case studies, project presentations and other events. These activities would promisingly strengthen the overall knowledge and skills of our students and present them with the required organizational acumen.

I invite you to be a part of our institution and gain from our state of the art facilities and teaching method which help to build a great career. Our committed faculty, curriculum and excellent facilities will ensure that you embark on a global career leaving a blazing trail of success.

I invite you to shape your future at our campus. I wish you all the best for your years of hope and fulfilment that lies ahead of you, waiting to be grabbed.

Best Wishes

Alhaj S.M. Mohamed Yousuf

Chairman, Mohamed Sathak Trust

Our Management

Alhaj. S.M. Mohamed Yousuf


Hajiyani. S.M.H. Sharmila


Alhaj. P.R.L. Hamid Ibrahim

Executive Director

Janab. S.M.Y. Mohammed Sathak

Campus Director