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Established in 2021, MSAJAA's Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is dedicated to initiating, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on measures aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching, learning, evaluation, and research endeavours within the campus, while also providing support for students.

Various functional committees and cells, both academic and administrative, have been instituted to ensure quality standards for the benefit of students and faculty members. These parameters encompass teaching methodologies, infrastructure maintenance, cultivation of students' skills through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, community outreach initiatives, and the promotion of out-of-classroom engagements such as competitions, cultural events, and sports activities. MSAJAA hosts a range of cells including the Grievance Redressal Cell, Women Empowerment Cell, Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell, Anti-Drug Cell, Heritage Cell, Incubation Cell, Research Cell, and Social Outreach Cell - National Service Scheme (NSS), each tasked with specific responsibilities.

Feedback from stakeholders including students, faculty, employers, and parents is systematically collected and analysed as part of the institutional quality assurance process. Mentorship programs are established wherein mentors engage with students regularly, gathering insights and facilitating student development. Stakeholder feedback is meticulously reviewed, and actions or recommendations for improvement are formulated and implemented accordingly. Additionally, two counselors are appointed to address the concerns of both students and staff members on a bi-weekly basis.

Faculty and mentors are equipped with the necessary skills through workshops and training sessions aimed at incorporating Universal Human Values (UHV) in education and facilitating quality student induction programs. The institution ensures that information regarding workshops and seminars hosted by other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is regularly disseminated via the IQAC notice board. Collaborative workshops with esteemed organizations such as the Council of Architecture, Indian Institute of Architects, and Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) are also conducted.

The IQAC remains actively engaged in quality improvement initiatives including pursuing NAAC Accreditation, stakeholder feedback collection, staff training, fostering a culture of quality, and implementing various reforms to enhance the institution's overall quality standards.